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Pankaja Enterprises offers best quality products at affordable prices!

Our cold pressed oils is one of the most popular oils in the southern part of India.

These cold pressed oils are made with great hygiene & quality standards

Benefits of Pankaja Cold Pressed Oils

Pankaja Cold Pressed Oils gives outstanding results for hair and skin health. Like acids and vitamins, the antioxidants in oil lock in the moisture to reduce dryness and improve hair growth. Ayurvedic treatments recommend oil pulling with sesame oil, which can help remove plaque.

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The history of cold pressed oils

Naturally, oilseeds can be just pressed (crushed) to extract oil. Oil-seeds such as sunflower, coconut, sesame, groundnut/peanut are used to extract oils by using cold-press machines which is a natural process.

Cold Pressed oil refers to oil extracted naturally by using a wood-press machine/system, and not using external heat to extract oil. The temperature in a natural cold-press oil extraction system is less than 50 degrees celsius. This temperature is a little over room temperature because of the friction during the grinding/pressing process.

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Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils for a Healthy Lifestyle

Cold-pressed oils are extracted from vegetables, nuts, and seeds using gentle pressure, without subjecting them to heat. This process, unlike traditional methods, preserves the oils' natural goodness, rendering them more nutritious and health-friendly.
Abundance of Essential Nutrients
Lower Cholesterol Levels
Freedom from Harmful Chemicals & Additives
Immune System Enhancement
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Want to stay healthy? Choose from wide range of healthy products!

Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil contains many nutrients that are good for the skin, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

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Sesame Oil

Reduced inflammation. Many cultures have used sesame oil in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory.

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Castor Oil

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, and pain-relieving properties that may offer health benefits.

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